Welcome to PrairieFire RANK

Just follow these steps to get your PrairieFire RANK
1. PRINT the targets
2. SHOOT at your range
3. SCAN and compete
Who is PrairieFire?

We are devoted shooters who want to bring something new and fun to our community that encourages training, sport and competition.

We believe that the right to own a firearm is balanced by the responsibility to use it proficiently.

Gaining proficiency with a firearm through training, sport and competition benefits all of us.


PrairieFire RANK is a new qualification method for pistol shooting sports. Like a golf handicap, the PrairieFire RANK provides shooters with a universal skill level that can be compared and shared.

It's easy once you've downloaded the RANK target and mobile app (coming soon).

Step 1: Pick your skill level and shoot the designated distance

Step 2: Shoot 5 rounds in 60 seconds as accurately as possible

Step 3: Shoot 5 rounds in 10 seconds as accurately as possible

Step 4: Scan the QR code on your target to take you to your RANK page

Step 5: Take a picture of your target and upload it to your profile

Step 6: See how you RANK against others on the leaderboards!

Getting a RANK is fun and is a great way to compare your shooting skills with amateur and professional shooters around the world. It's a single score that captures your abilities as a target shooter. And it gives you a great way to measure progress as you learn.